25 Comments on “Apple stops Xiaomi from trademarking “Mi Pad” tablet in Europe as the name is similar to Apple’s iPad”

  1. Seems a little bullshit because all Xiaomi’s products (well not all – but many) are <Mi Product>, so a Mi Pad is very consistent with their naming scheme. Their robotic vacuum cleaner is called the “Mi Robot” for god’s sake.

    I guess in bizaro world if Apple ever releases a robot, Xiaomi can block them in Europe from naming it iRobot – that is if iRobot (makers of Roomba) don’t get there first.

  2. Apple is premium in China and Xiaomi tried to be the premium alternative in Apple’s shadow. They walked that line as close as they could.

    They road Apple’s coattails and it did a disservice to android.

    Every time I see an android device rip off Apple and copy the wrist parts of iOS to sell better it annoys me.

    Their skins, color coding, design language and naming as well as marketing positioning was all in Apple’s shadow.

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