18 Comments on “Exclusive: Upcoming Huawei Flagship, Likely Huawei P11, has an iPhone X Style Notch”

  1. I don’t like it, and unless Huawei can pull better screen-to-body ratio than its competitors (Which Apple FAILED to do), I still won’t. Also please for the love of god don’t force apps to design around it. A persistent status bar could be cool, but if that clips into movies that would not be nice.

  2. It surprises me somewhat that it’s going to be a Kirin 970.

    By Q1 2018, Qualcomm will have released its SD845 and Huawei never struck me as being slower than Qualcomm to adapt ARM uarchs into its own chips, the Kirin 970, for example, was released with a G72 GPU, a few short months after ARM made it public.

    Besides the A73/A53 duo has been used by Huawei for quite a long time, since the Kirin 960 actually.

    I had expected the P11 to come a Kirin 975/80 with another G72 but a A75/A55 based CPU cluster.

  3. Everyone will make a huge deal that their copying apple but really, wouldn’t you rather have a notch than more bezel at the top? I mean the way Essential did it was pretty nice. Other wise its just a more even band of black at the top if you don’t want the notch.

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