Opinion, US market: the best cheap smartphone isn’t from Nokia or Motorola

The moto E4 and the Nokia 2 are not the best smartphones you can buy in the USA if you are on a budget. In my humble opinion if you need a cheap device, you cant beat the Nextbit Robin. The phone is still a great deal and offered brand new and unopened on ebay and amazon. Sure it may no longer have a factory warranty but with an unlocked bootloader **you** can ensure it gets timely software updates and upgrades thanks to robust Lineage OS support.

E4, Nokia2 don’t have USB C, front facing speakers, or NFC, the Robin does. Both the E4 and Nokia2 have 720 displays while the Robin has a 1080 display. Only downside to the Robin is smaller battery than both devices.

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  1. Honestly if people are on a budget, i tell them to go for a Motorla G5S+. If thats still too expensive, then i tell them to get a E4 but thats the cheapest phone ill tell them to get before i tell them to go for a feature phone instead because smartphones arent really worth it below that price point.

    Its also worth noting that if youre in a position where youre buying this cheap of a phone as a main phone, then you kinda need the warrently because youre in a financial position where you wont be able to replace the phone imminently in case of a issue

  2. Say what you will but as a Robin owner, I *love* mine.

    The form factor is wonderful (it’s actually a very thin phone), the 808 is perfectly fine and far superior to the 810 in both throttling and power use (I came from a Z5c with 810 and the Robin is much improved), the camera is actually surprisingly passable, and the design is outstanding. It has so much character and the color schemes are amazing. I get comments on the phone at least a few times a week asking about it.

    The battery mediocre but perfectly usable, and the build quality isn’t an issue unless it comes to phone drops. Because of the lack of metallic interior plate the reception and GPS is extremely good and the phone is quite thin as well.

    It’s not a phone you buy outright for specs. It’s to buy something that’s not boring, that has personality, and to have a phone that you really enjoy looking at and using. If you don’t care about that then there are certainly chinese phones with a vaguely iphone/galaxy clone design that fit the bill better at the $150 level. But if you’re looking for a phone that does something different and beautiful with design, the Robin kills at its pricepoint.

  3. Nextbit Robin has a terrible build, low storage with no SD, questionable future with the Razer acquisition, and the SD808 paired with a tiny battery for shit tier battery life.

    I would not recommend it to anyone at this point.

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