What should I buy Thursday (Dec 07 2017) – Your weekly device inquiry thread!

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20 Comments on “What should I buy Thursday (Dec 07 2017) – Your weekly device inquiry thread!”

  1. My 5X bootlooped last night and I’m real sad about it.

    I already sprung for a Pixel 2, prefer the size/form factor over the XL, does anyone have any recs for a tempered glass screen protector and case? For a case, I typically go for a [low-profile Spigen](https://www.amazon.com/Spigen-Google-Coated-Surface-Excellent/dp/B07477L9JD/ref=sr_1_2?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1512664398&sr=1-2&keywords=spigen+pixel+2), though I’m curious how much it’ll affect any of the radio’s what with the Pixel’s glass top piece (or if that’s total bullshit).

    Also, was thinking about grabbing a pair of Jaybird X3’s. They’re a bit pricey, but seem to be one of the more commonly recommended BT earbuds I’ve come across. Any others I should check out for around the $80 – $100 price range?

  2. I love the look of the panda Pixel 2 XL, but I hear the back it more slippery than the black. How bad is it? Any other difference between them? Any suggestions?

    And any reason to get the phone from Google instead of Verison? Will the bootloader still be locked if I take it to T-Mobile?

  3. I have the pixel 2 XL and I just bought the Ringke Fusion clear case. I want a screen protector to go with the case, but I don’t want one that just sits flat and doesn’t cover the whole screen. Any suggestions?

  4. This might fit into Moronic Monday better, but here I go:

    Apparently I’m due for an upgrade soon (after only a year which is weird but meh) and I kinda do wanna get rid of my LG G5 as the Canadian Variant (H831) was never rootable. Bootloader permalocked and everything.

    So I’m wondering which phones out now have Canadian Variants that *are* rootable. Hard to tell from a google search, it brings up forum posts and combing through forums for half answers hasn’t helped. That’s how I ended up with my G5 instead of a Nexus.

    I know anything LG is likely out of the question. I’m kinda looking at the Pixel 2 as that’s from Google and as I understand they’re probably the easiest root. S8 is sort of an option but I dislike the form factor.

    I’m also kind of interested in Essential (even if it means switching to Telus) but I’m not 100% on whether its rootable, or even if its worth rooting and installing something like Cyanogenmod on with the whole add-on thing.

  5. Looking for a phone for $200, performance, battery life and build quality are my priorities. Been looking at the Motorola Moto M and the Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon edition. The Motorola Moto M has Type C usb and a better camera, but the Redmi Note 4X has Snapdragon and way better battery life from what I heard.

  6. I just got my pixel 2 and thought I’d treat myself to some earphones £50-£100.
    So far I’ve tried the RHA750i and the Sony XBA-N1AP and I’m not happy with the concessions I have to make.
    I can only use the button to pause on the RHA’s with no volume control. The over ear design will need some getting used to as I wear glasses.
    The Sony’s just have one button to play/pause and no volume control. The Sony’s seem quite bassy to me in comparison.
    Apart from sound quality, requirements are headphone jack (no USBC only) and I would like to have a play/pause, previous/next and volume control buttons.
    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Looking for a phone with really good battery life, good camera, a headphone jack, not massive, and preferably not a curved screen.

    I use my phone to take photos while camping, backpacking, and traveling.

  8. I currently own an (8 year old) MacBook Pro, an iPad mini and an iPhone 6. All work fine still, but it’s time to start updating my devices and for various reasons I want to get away from Apple products.

    My dad needs a new phone and my contract has run out so I want to start with replacing my phone and then I’ll give my iPhone to my dad. Problem is…. I have always followed Apple news somewhat, but not Android, so I’m pretty much clueless.

    * I want something that’s comparable or better for battery capacity as the iPhone 6.
    * I do NOT want a massive screen like I sometimes see other people having. iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches which always suited me fine, a bit bigger is great too but not MASSIVELY BIG as some phones I see.
    * My iPhone is 64 GB and after 3 years I still have 22 GB of space left so I don’t need lots of space
    * I heard some Android brands drop support for older models more quickly than Apple… so I’m a bit worried about that as I understand it makes the phone vulnerable to security issues. I want my phone to be good for 2 years.
    * I don’t care that much about the headphone jack… I’m already looking to buy wireless headphones anyway for running so I couldn’t care less about that.
    * I like taking pictures with the 6, so camera quality needs to be at least comparable.
    * I’m in Europe….. if that matters…

    Also, random question, anything I need to consider that I might not have thought about concerning switching from Apple to Android?


    Edit: a word

  9. Looking for ideas for my dad. He currently has a Galaxy S5 Active that is starting to have a lot of problems. Needs to be durable, he spends a lot of time in equipment shops and on job sites, under $500, decent camera and work on Sprint. He doesn’t upgrade often (obviously) so something with specs that should hold up for a few years would be a plus.

  10. Think ive decided I will finally jump ship and move to android for the first time! Currently on an iPhone 7 and am really just not feeling it lately! Its a little laggy at times battery has become quite poor! I think im leaning towards the Pixel 2 XL as I am looking to get a bigger screen than my iPhone 7. Would this be a good phone for my first android? I like the look of stock my only concern is the price is a bit too much but I could possibly stretch to it if i really wanted it

  11. S8+ or Note 8?

    Upgrading from a Note 3, my SO is looking for a phone with a fantastic camera and good battery.

    Im not sure to go with what, keeping in mind that the price difference between both is although significant, I really can go for the most expensive/best because I generally keep phones for 2-3 years.

  12. Not for me but for a friend:

    A buddy of mine is sill rocking a S4 active. *shudders*

    He’s on the fence about upgrading and I keep trying to get him to do it.


    * He wants a “Decent” camera (no idea what his bare minimum is, I guess better than an S4 active?)

    * Average to good battery life.

    * 32 gigs storage min.

    * SD card not required but a plus

    * Can be unlocked or Locked to At&T.

    * I don’t think I could sell him on screen much bigger than about 5.2 inches

    * Buying used *should* not be an issue as long as it is not beaten up.

    * This would be the type of phone he would keep for a while (he’s had this last one for 4 years) so it should hold up

    * Price will be a sticking point. This guy doesn’t like to spend money. $200 is about the target.

    I’ve pointed him in the direction of the Nexbit Robin, but I’m worried about the 808 (I used to have a 5X) and the more I think about it something like a Moto G5 plus is probably the move. Any thoughts?

  13. I currently have a galaxy S5 which is getting towards the end of it’s lifespan, I’m looking at the LG G6. In short I’m here to ask is the LG G6+ worth $63 more than the stock LG G6 (H870DS)?

  14. After suffering from the Nexus 6P battery issue and the subsequent replacements having screen uniformity issues I was able to get a full refund from Google. So now I have €650 plus extra if required to buy a new phone with.

    I’m currently considering the Pixel 2xl, the Note 8 and the Oneplus 5T and I’m having a hard time deciding what to go with. I’m a massive fan of stock android and the Pixel would have been a no-brainer if it wasn’t for the screen issues. Outside of the screen issues it looks perfect. Smooth, quick updates, excellent battery and the best camera.

    Having played with the Note 8 for a bit it does look fantastic. The screen is the best out there and it just looks great. I’m just not sure if I’m a fan of Samsung’s software and having used my girlfriend’s S8 it can be a bit jittery at times. As well as that, the updates will be slow and I’ve heard mixed reviews over the camera and the battery life, both of which are very important for me.

    And the last is the 5T which seems to tick lots of my boxes for a lot less money. It looks good, the screen is good by all accounts, the battery is good and it has close to stock android. However, the camera is a weak point and I’m not sure how supported the device will be going forward.

    I’m really not sure what way to go. I’m happy to add extra money to the refund to ensure I have what I want but it seems like all the options have drawbacks. Should I take a chance on the Pixel’s screen or is the Note 8 the better option? Or should I just save myself some money and get the 5T?

  15. I currently have an HTC M9, there’s nothing too wrong with it, but the battery life is starting to get a bit tiresome, with having to charge it two times a day.

    I use my phone for GroupMe, redditing, and occasionally games.
    I want a fingerprint sensor and NFC, and don’t care about screen resolution.

    For a budget, if I buy off contract I’d be willing to spend around $600 for a device.

    I have no problems with waiting either, I’ve been looking for a new phone for a while, just nothing has clicked.

    Located in the US on AT&T.

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