Why don’t flagships have removable batteries anymore?

This used to be a huge selling point of flagships a few years ago. I recently switched from an LG G4 to a PH-1 and the thing I miss the most is the ability to remove and replace the battery on the fly. Why aren’t flagships doing this anymore, and correspondingly, why have people stopped caring about removable batteries? (This used to be a common dealbreaker, just like 3.5mm headphone jacks right now)

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  1. * Hardware of flagship phones is pretty good, so good that you won’t need to change for 3 years at least.
    * Battery is the only component which really degrades and needs replacement. They want to sell you 1000$ phones and sell them as frequently as possible. To ensure that the only logical conclusion is that don’t let people replace battery easily.
    * Water proofing excuse will come. First of all it’s not a necessity and second there were phones with removable battery & waterproof.

  2. Because the mass market would rather have a nicer, premium build over a removable back. Plus, you can’t have proper waterproofing with a removable back. (The S5 had shitty flaps which would break off day one).

  3. Well, I think just a sacrifice we need to make to move on ahead. We tend to have a more compact design, better finish and some premium features like water resistant and wireless charging because we let go of removable battery. So, the manufacturers probably thought that ditching it is actually better for the greater good ( also to increase the price).

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